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Apartment Maintenance

One of the perks of apartment living is repairs are free and just a phone call away. Apartment maintenance is usually included in the rent and hassle-free for the tenant. Apartment maintenance work can be scheduled for when you are out of the apartment and add to the convenience and value of your living experience.

First, it is important to understand what repairs, if any, the tenant is responsible for performing themselves. This should be specified in the lease and usually involves things like replacing light bulbs and changing air filters. Sometimes offering to keep up with maintenance repairs yourself can help you negotiate a cheaper rent, particularly in smaller apartment communities or privately owned residential buildings.

It’s a good idea to introduce yourself to the apartment maintenance supervisor when you move in and develop a good relationship with the maintenance staff. Be sure you know the best way to make a maintenance request. Some apartment management respond faster to requests received through email, while others may prefer for the tenant to make a maintenance report in person. Also, ask what to do in the case of emergency, like a hot water heater not working or a broken pipe.

One thing all landlords and maintenance supervisors appreciate is preventative apartment maintenance. Letting the maintenance staff know about small drips or slight cracks can help prevent big repairs later on. You don’t want to be a pest by reporting every little imperfection in your apartment, but you do want to be proactive about things that could turn into real disasters for you and the maintenance staff down the road.

Ask your landlord for an apartment maintenance checklist to help you understand what services the maintenance staff provides, what you are responsible for maintaining on your own, and helpful preventative measures.

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Types of rentals include studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments; condominiums, single-family homes; shared rentals, and room and board homes. These may be listed by other names in some areas. When considering a particular dwelling, be sure to confirm the specifics of what you will be renting. We also strongly encourage you to make personal visits.