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Apartment Law
Apartment Law

In the course of your life as a renter, you may need to become involved in one or more of the categories listed below. Read the articles for overviews as needed.

Apartment Rent Control
Four states and the District of Columbia still have rent control laws or ordinances on the books. Some states have preemption laws that allow for the creation of rent control if needed due to a housing shortage. Learn more.

Apartment Security Deposits
Nearly all landlords require you to pay a security deposit, which is money held to pay for damages, repairs, cleaning or unpaid rent on your apartment after you move out. Learn more.

Apartment Evictions
An apartment eviction can take place for a number of reasons, including extensive and documented unpaid rent, staying beyond the lease term, repeated lease violations or breaking the law. Learn more.

Apartment Subleases
Sublease can be a good solution for anyone needing temporary housing or needing to temporarily vacate an apartment. Apartment subleases are very popular near universities, particularly during the summer months. Learn more..

In-Law Apartments
In-law apartments are separate housing units within a single family home or on the property. An in-law apartment is a great way to rent a small place to live or make some rental income. Learn more.

Apartment Rent Stabilization
Rent stabilization is a price ceiling mechanism enacted as a protection against landlords using rent hikes or threats of rent hikes abusively. Learn more.

Apartment Tenants Rights
Laws governing rentals differ in each city and state so you will need to some research to understand your rights as a tenant. Many cities have local tenant advocacy organization with websites and hotlines. Learn more.

Apartment Repairs
When it comes to basic damages, you are almost always entitled to free apartment repair from your landlord. Repairs include heating, plumbing, roof repairs, broken windows, locks and more. Learn more.

Breaking An Apartment Lease
Breaking an apartment lease can lead to penalties like the forfeiture of last month's rent, security deposit or both. There is no law against breaking a lease but you should be aware of the consequences. Learn more.

Apartment Normal Wear And Tear
Wear and tear take their toll as time passes. n some cases it’s the responsibility of the tenant to remedy these problems as they occur. Sometimes though, it is the landlord’s responsibility to pay for wear and tear maintenance. Learn more.

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Types of rentals include studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments; condominiums, single-family homes; shared rentals, and room and board homes. These may be listed by other names in some areas. When considering a particular dwelling, be sure to confirm the specifics of what you will be renting. We also strongly encourage you to make personal visits.