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Finding a Place
Cheap Apartments

Affordability is a key factor in looking for a place to live. Finding a cheap apartment in a safe, convenient neighborhood can be difficult, but there are plenty of low-rent apartments out there. You just have to be willing to make certain sacrifices if you’re seriously interested in an apartment for cheap.

First, figure out what you really need in an apartment. Can you get by with a cheap studio or one-bedroom apartment, or do you need space for a home office? Do you like to cook and entertain? If not, then you probably don’t need a formal dining room and a kitchen full of updated appliances. Do you need a garage, or can you park you car on the street without worrying about it? Think about the area where you want to live. Do you need to be close to work, school, or family? Lower-priced apartments are often further away from densely populated areas, but if you have to drive everywhere, you may spend more on gas than you’ll save on rent. And if you’re living alone, will you feel safe in a more remote neighborhood?

Searching for cheap apartments online is really no different from looking for any kind of rental space on the Internet. You can search for low-cost apartments by price, location, and amenities. Most sites provide virtual tours and floor plans so you can get a preview of the apartment before you see it in person. Use Google or another search engine, and search under “cheap apartments. Sites such as and will help you find apartments in your price range.

Sometimes websites or local apartment publications, which you can pick up for free outside most grocery stores, offer specials such as two months’ free rent. This may sound great, but remember, you’ll still need cash for a security and utility deposit, application fee, and possibly, insurance. Look for specials that are prorated throughout the entire lease.

Once you’ve identified some affordable apartments, go and take see them. Some cheap apartments are rundown, dirty, and in need of repair. Take a look at the parking lot or garage. Is it overrun with trash? Drive through the area at night to see whether the apartment complex or building is well lit, and note what sort of people are around. Your sense of comfort and safety is the most important factor to consider when looking for a cheap apartment. The local police department can provide you with crime statistics in the neighborhood where the apartment is located.

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Types of rentals include studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4-bedroom apartments; condominiums, single-family homes; shared rentals, and room and board homes. These may be listed by other names in some areas. When considering a particular dwelling, be sure to confirm the specifics of what you will be renting. We also strongly encourage you to make personal visits.